How to Open Task Manager in Windows 10

Task manager is an advanced tool found in all versions of Microsoft Windows. This tool can do an incredible number of things. Windows task manager provides information about the computer’s performance, running software, the name of running processes, programs that are ‘Running in Background,’ CPU load, I/O details, logged-in users, and Windows services. Task manager Read more about How to Open Task Manager in Windows 10[…]

How to Fix Windows Computer Crash Issues

Smart computer systems like most of the electronics at one time or another will come to the end of lifecycle and ultimately fail to function correctly or will no longer power up completely. There is, however, a possibility that the computer system may be suffering from crashes due to either failure in the hardware or Read more about How to Fix Windows Computer Crash Issues[…]

Hidden features in iOS 12

Hidden features are usually the best ones. iOS 12 is here in the market and is ready to add a bunch of new features to your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Apple has notably focused on improving the overall performance of the devices of iOS. All of these features are to be experienced first hand. Read more about Hidden features in iOS 12[…]